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As an aspirational Digital Marketer today it is with great pleasure that I look back to my first love affair with computers. It started with a Mac SE in the 80s during Apples epic BigBlue, hammer throwing commercial.  My first PC was the IBM PC AT 8088 made infamous by the 90's tv commercial wih Charlie Chaplin. It had a ground breaking 10 mb hd 640K of memory 8 bit video a 5.25 floppy disk and DOS 3.  GoodTimes ;-)
Although, I dabbled in  Pascal and  Basic during those early years I was basically a Nerd playing with my computer and learning how to uilize the new software.  My next challenge turned out to be  mastering Graphic Design tools like PhotoShop, Illustrator and QuarkXpress so I could help my fellow students at the computer lab which eventually led to a college education in TV Production. 
 I was blessed to have many a friends, students and collegues along the way guiding me and after almost 5 years of working and going to school, my tech career was in full swing having mastered  computers,  from "circuits to algorithms" even today, I continue to apply that knowledge to CMS/CRM/SFA/FFA systems for sales and marketing solutions.
So... after ten years and 1000's of trouble tickets I moved to Florida in 2002 and transitioned to a Sales and Marketing Career for the following decade working with various industries like Telecom, Office Supplies, eCommerce, Printing and Advertising as well as Government and Higher Education applying and assimilating the  "tools of technology" to the "process of people".
TODAY, I find myself conversely in the same transition and hope to spend the second decade of the millenium UTILIZNG the Sales/Marketing Knowledge and Technology experience to Implement SEM PPC SEO Campaigns in south Floridas tri-county areas of Dade/Miami, Broward and West Palm Beach.
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