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There are almost 30 million companies in the  United States  and more than 15 million have e-commerce and online business websites.

Revenues have grown from only  500 billion in the 1960's to 17 trillion by the start of the 21st century.

Close to  97% of companies have less than 4 employees, generate more than $250,000 dollars in revenues and file their taxes on a an individual basis using their own Social Security #..    

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 17 Trillion dollar USA GDP

 17 Trillion dollar USA Deficit

    7 Billion people in the WORLD

    7 Billion Cellphones by end of year

    1 Billion Smartphone users      

    1 Billion Facebook users

300 Million Domains in the world

300 Million Gamers in the world

300 Million Americans

150 Million Employees

  30 Million Companies

  15 Mllion eCommerce stores

    5 Million Entertainment venues

    3 Million Financial resources

    2 Million Sports related websites

    1 MIllion Franchise locations


1 of  YOU  ( X 2 CLONE yourself  ? )



The world holds  7 billion people today but only 100 billion have EVER exhisted.

"The human SPARK  in our DNA

combined with our 

social need to CONNECT and SHARE

have allowed  our species to take

 small steps"  that lead to giant leaps

Rick Marquez​

So don't be afraid  to ...


 Dream, Design, Deploy

and always have a ...

"Healthy Disregard for the Impossible"

​                      ​What are you waiting for?



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