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"  allows me to OPTIMIZE your CURRENT website, landingpage or Digital Marketing project by updating your content with the latest Technology and concepts for SEO-Search Engine Optimizations in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. "

UTILIZING MY TECHNOLOGY experience makes SEM seem natural...

* Hardware / Software Installations, Repair and Support  

* Graphic Design Certified Training and Power-usage 

* Lotus Notes/Domino database Support, Development and Training

CMS, CRM, SFA, FFA Intranets, Extranets and Integrated Suites 

Replicated / Distributed Desktop, Laptop Mobile and Wireless devices

on the LAN, WAN, WEB, VPN and the Cloud


OPTIMIZING YOUR SEO is much easier when you know the technology behind

* URL File Naming and Site Structure * Canonicalization * SiteMap.xml * Robots.txt 

* Meta-tagging and Optimization of images and videos

* Internal and External CrossLinking, BackLinking, LinkBuilding and Referring Domains 

* Competitive and Self Indexing / Analysis of Single Keywords, Short & LongTail Phrases

* SEO Copy Writing * Landing Page Creation

* Search Localization on Google Maps, Yahoo Places, Bing and Yelp 

* Opinion Aggregators : Article Blog Syndication, Forum Entries,  Directoriy Submissions  

* Content Aggregators: SlideShare, YouTube  

* Social Linking G+, Face Book, Twitter, InstaGram, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Picasa, Flickr  

* Analytics Monitoring and Reporting...


This combination ensures predictable positioning in the SERP
and increases your traffic & CTR while lowering your costs and maximizing your ROI.
TECHNOLOGY is Predictable : "an INFLECTION POINT every decade"...Rick Marquez
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